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It's important for your company to not only look good, but to develop a personality of it's own. If your business could talk, what would it sound like? What's the tone you are trying to set? Would the conversation be more corporate or off the cuff? Hiring a graphic designer that also happens to be a writer will help to marry the two together. Take a look at some of my writing samples and graphic design work below!


Let's kick this thing into high gear!


7 Signs it's Time for a Rebrand

We are in an ever evolving world. Things change, people change, ideas change. Branding, in terms of your business, is the whole shebang. It’s the first thing your customers see and the last thing they remember…


Reason to Be - Walcraft Cabinetry

CEO Sean Walsh founded Walcraft Cabinetry with the mission to change the negative perception towards RTA Cabinetry. Today, Walcraft Cabinetry is not only changing perceptions of cabinetry, but we're also…


Salon a'vanti rebrand

Salon A'vanti opened their doors in December 2007 in Hammonton, NJ. Fast forward 11 years and they decided they no longer fit the style of their logo so a rebrand was in order. Owner, Beverly, wanted something more modern and cutting edge and had even made updates to the interior such as paint to breathe new life into the salon. The simple, block style lettering of their new logo is a perfect fit. We are currently still in the process of converting all their print and promotional materials over to the new look so hang tight for some more before and afters. 

Grounded branding (logo + package design + print + promotional)

A family owned business in Orlando, FL, Grounded, LLC is a back to nature skincare line that prides itself on containing zero phthalates, sulfates, and parabens. It's also vegan, cruelty free, and "naturally composed to keep you on your feet". I had the pleasure of designing not only the logo, but all of the packaging and promotional material. One of the things I love most about the concept of Grounded's branding is that is represents the alchemy symbols. Scroll through to see a chart of meanings!

Advertising Design

A collection of advertisements done throughout the years. Some of these ads were used on Social Media, websites, newspapers, magazines, and in-house as shelf talkers

feel good Campaign

Salon A'vanti wanted a collection of quotes to inspire and promote self love for their Instagram account and so the "Feel Good" campaign is born. Well, soon to be... coming fall 2018

Print Design

A few print design jobs done throughout the years.